Product Owner Kanban Board

This week we received our upstream whiteboard, also referred to as our Product Owner Kanban board. Here is a list of reasons why we decided to go with Product Owner Kanban board:

  1. Needed to provide development with a view of what was coming
  2. Needed to ensure that the Product Owner was completing certain activities before development started working on a feature (“Making work Ready”)
  3. Noticed that some features were too big to work on prior to giving them to development (Breaking work down)
  4. Didn’t have a standard way of handing work off
  5. Wanted to prevent piling work onto development
  6. Product Owner felt left out without his on board J

Almost all of these reasons were identified when the development team made their work visible and when we noticed that work was getting bottlenecked in testing.

Later this week I’ll post some status reports that I have created for stakeholders that show progress.

Here is our some of the pictures of our new Product Owner Kanban board as well as a link to some slides I created.

Always open to suggestions if you have any.