Walls coming Down

This last month we have taken down around 100 personal cubes and replaced them with team pods. 9 pods and counting. Here are some before and after pictures. Pretty cool.


It’s Offical – Ping Pong and Fooseball Table

Check out what we got in our office this last month. Awesome!

Agile Community of Thinkers Conference – Invitation

Last week I got invited to attend the “Community of Thinkers” conference hosted by Rally in Boulder, Colorado on May 10-11. It looks like this is the first time Rally will be holding a conference like this and is also invitation only. They want to explore Agile, Kanban, Continuous Flow, as well as Rally and AgileZen tools.  It also looks like the goal of the conference is to build a community through sharing, teaching and learning. Rally’s coaches, product and technical account management teams will host this event and it is limited to 150 guests.

Rally created this conference to help the entire Agile community, amplify your professional development and expand your social media presence. This is an open-space conference, a social web-storm, a party, a community philanthropy project and a gathering of some of the best and brightest Agile practitioners on the planet. It is not what you think of as a typical software users conference.

Rally’s goal is to create an interactive site of stories about Agile in the enterprise that will benefit the entire community. The conference sessions will be facilitated and focused on face-to-face interaction amplified by social media. The results of these sessions and dialogues will be professionally crafted to form a knowledge base of adoption stories and patterns open to the entire community.

Rally believe this knowledge base will be invaluable for all of us to extend the benefits of Agile beyond multi-team execution and to increase the professionalism in our industry. We are trying to capture insights from 10 years of Agile application from some of the best practitioners in the world.