Kanban Experience Complete – Thank You LSSC10

So last week we wrapped up our final regression cycle prior to releasing so I decided to have a project retro with all team members (product owners included). What no one knew is that I took probable 20 pictures over the course of the last 4 months as memories. I put these memories into a PowerPoint and asked everyone to write down what memories they had about that picture. Each team member wrote down on one sticky note what their thoughts were. Based on the sticky notes, we captured the top things we wanted to change, continue to do, or stop doing going forward. Here are some of the results.

  1. Continue to use the “wall” as our visual control. Everyone thought it provided great visibility to what was going on. (Big thanks for Chris Schinkle for the presentation that inspired me)
  2. Continue to use WIP limits in each column. Most of the conversations were related to completing testing prior to starting a new card. Team members would say, “’let’s finish this card, prior to starting a new one.”
  3.  Let stick to 15 minutes during the standup. Sometime we started problem solving during this meeting.
  4.  Let’s implement Mercurial so that we don’t have headaches over branching and merging.

Overall, everyone learned a lot and had fun doing it. Bottom line is LSSC10 was well worth it. Now, off to Agile2010 to learn some more.


One Response

  1. Awesome Chad. Thanks for reporting your experiences.

    Did you capture and use cycle time metrics for planning, policy, or improvement purposes? Would this be useful to you in the future?

    I would love to catch up with you at Agile2010 and learn more about your experience.

    Dennis Stevens

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