Marshmallow Challenge

Last week I played the Marshmallow Challenge with the Program Manager in my area. Each month we have a department meeting and I asked for 30 minutes to conduct the PM challenge. I did not tell anyone what the challenge was because I assume they would go and research to get a leg up.

My goal was to get them to think about doing things more like scrum rather than the traditional waterfall process that they are use to.

So what I did was put all of the pieces into a yellow folder and then described the rules to them. From there I set up a timer and told them that the highest structure would win a prize.

At the end, each team tried to put the marshmallow on the top with about 3 minutes remaining and all 3 of the teams had no standing structure.

If you are looking for a fun game to help the learning of Agile I would strongly suggest the Marshmallow Challenge!

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