(Drum roll) The Results are in!

Last month we sent out a survey to employees that are currently following the scrum framework, and the results are awesome! I created a survey similar to Yahoo! rollout of agile because I wasn’t 100% sure what to measure or ask. Some of the people taking the survey have been doing Scrum for years while half of them have just transition over the last year.

Below are the results. My favorite question is the last one, “If you were king for the day, would you continue to use Scrum?” 100% said YES! I have never seen 100% of a group agree on anything. Simply awesome.


So what is next you as, now it is time to roll agile out to a larger group. Over the next month I’ll start to blog about the transition from small group to enterprise agility. Stay Tuned!


Marshmallow Challenge

Last week I played the Marshmallow Challenge with the Program Manager in my area. Each month we have a department meeting and I asked for 30 minutes to conduct the PM challenge. I did not tell anyone what the challenge was because I assume they would go and research to get a leg up.

My goal was to get them to think about doing things more like scrum rather than the traditional waterfall process that they are use to.

So what I did was put all of the pieces into a yellow folder and then described the rules to them. From there I set up a timer and told them that the highest structure would win a prize.

At the end, each team tried to put the marshmallow on the top with about 3 minutes remaining and all 3 of the teams had no standing structure.

If you are looking for a fun game to help the learning of Agile I would strongly suggest the Marshmallow Challenge!

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Day 36 – Time to Start Regression Testing

Here is what our board looks like today. DONE!!! Now the painful part happens; regression testing. Since we have maybe 10% code coverage we have to complete 100’s of manual test cases prior to shipping in July.

Each day a between tomorrow and July we will review what defects were found and make a decision whether we want to fix it or not. Ideally we will find nothing and ship this version, but most likely there will be a few defects found that will require us to fix.