Kanban Board – Day 11 – 15

This last week had its highlights and challenges. I’d thought I’d go ahead and share what those moments were. Here were the highlights:

  • Documented what we thought our WIP’s were for each column. This is really tuff because more than half of our team is offsite. But I will figure out a way to fix this.
  • Prioritized and aligned our work with resources. This helped us make sure the most important things had the right number of people on it.
  • Started discussing where our bottleneck were.


  • We missed a critical milestone by 2 days that caused concern in our stakeholders and teams performance. This really makes me mad because the team is doing great, but this little miss creates big problems for me.
  • Having a hard time pulling metrics from our system (Jira/Greenhopper). Today it took me an hour to pull a cumulative flow diagram. Very disappointing.
  • Cards kept moving from done to testing because defects were found. Right now we only have 5-10% code coverage so things are really fragile.

The one thing that got me super pumped was the customer team is going to start an upstream kanban board because they see the value the downstream board has created. The board should be up by this week. Be prepared to see pictures of that.

Overall, the board has been great and there has been great conversations started and problems fixed.

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