Day 3-5 Kanban Board

That last 3 days have been very productive. Here is what we have created:

  • Created avatars for each person so it was easy to see what people are working on. (One small problem is that we have half of our scrum team in India, so I will have to tackle the problem soon)
  • Created some classes of services. The color of the cards represent the class of service
  • Created the value stream columns
  • Had our first “walk the wall” daily standup


Had lots of questions about:

  • What the “rules” are for moving cards from one state to the other.
  • Had questions about how many cards could be in each state
  • How many cards can one person be working on
  • If something is moved to done and then a defect is detected later, does the card get moved back

Here what we have settled on for our columns (working backwards):

  • Production
  • Done – Not in Production
  • Testing / Defect Fixing
  • Ready for Test
  • Development
  • Analysis / Design / Requirements
  • Ready for Development
  • Stories Created
  • Themes (class of services)
  • Backlog


So next week I will work with the team to identify policies for moving cards and creating WIP limits.

In general, it feels like we have too many things in progress and not getting things moved to done.

However, it is still better then what we were doing before.


5 Responses

  1. Hi Chad,

    I liked the avatar’s idea. At my company we show the devs/tester’s picture:

    Kanban Board

    Thanks for sharing your experience.


    • Luiz,

      Cool board. I have seen other companies use the pictures of people, but I thought the avatar pictures created some good discussion. The avatarts created some discussions around peoples hobbies that have never been discuss before. I thought it was a good team bonding experience.

  2. Have you considered tracking how long an item remains in a column? I like to put a dot for each day an item sits in the column beside each item on the board. It will begin to highlight blocked items.

    • I was just thinking last week how I should track items in each column. Great idea, I’ll start adding dots today. Thx!

    • Bugs, we don’t have them ;). Bugs were a hot topic on Friday. Some of the cards have been closed and now after new functionality has been added, some parts have regressed.

      My thought today is to add bug stickers to cards that have bugs. That will make it visible to everyone which cards have bugs. As the bugs come off, the card will move to done.

      Do you have any other thoughts? I will post pictures today.

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