Lean Software & Systems Consortium Conference

The Lean Software & Systems Consortium Conference has inspired me to start a blog about my road from Waterfall to Agile. On Monday I plan to create a Kanban board.  

 Here were my takeaways from the conference: 

1. Make Work Visible
– In my organization we have all of our worked stored in a web-based system. I think this makes it hard for everyone to see what we are working on which prevents questions and conversations from happening. @cmshinkle ‘s presentation really helped me see this. I really liked the 10 foot 3 second rule. You should be able to look at a board and see where there are problems within 3 seconds
2.  Value Stream Mapping
– Waste is not always in the development organization. I think mapping out how work gets into development, within development and then out of development would give everyone more visibility.
– Assigning Work In Progress (WIP) limits would make sure there is a steady flow.
– Developing metrics and policies
3. What is Kanban
– It is all about setting up a flow and then setting limits. Some of our problems is we get too much started and then we don’t finish anything. Kanban is just another set of tools, just like Scrum is.
Lean Software & Systems Consortium Conference 2010

Favorite Quote:

Metrics are like a lamp-post for a drunk, it provide illumination and support.

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